Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lemonade stand and mom's birthday

Dylan and especially Isaac just got excited about setting up shop to sell their rocks and crystals. They called it their junk store. They really wanted to invite neighbors over to come by their junk. They set up beautiful displays all over the living room floor and shelves. It started out as Isaac's store and Dylan was an employee. But then I hear that Isaac fired Dylan. So Dylan set up a competing store. Isaac was ready to make business cards. I gave him some that I have that were blank on one side so he could glue the faces together. They made signs for out front. They even made hours of operation signs. They were open 9 to 6 daily and they had an incentive for Friday's with free things on Fridays. I was excited that they took initiative to be excited about something this summer. So I said they should have a lemonade stand out front. They could sit at their shops out there and perhaps people would be willing to buy something if they offered. 

The lemonade stand was a success. Many people just drove by their hand out the window. Some just gave money and did not even want anything to drink. The boys were so excited after their first customer. Tyler was so cute and ran over to our neighbors when they got home to see if they want to come have some "lemonade stand." He thought that the lemonade we were selling was called lemonade stand.
Taylor was very excited to wave down the cars. When the mailman came back around, Tyler asked him if he wanted a refill. So cute. Most people gave a dollar instead of just $.25. One guy drove by and gave each of the boys a dollar and not want any lemonade. One guy gave three dollars in quarters for just one cup!
Nobody at my moms worthless taking her out to lunch even though she showed up with a birthday crown on. Don had gotten her breakfast and given her ground. Then we had. She chose tropical Smoothie Café, but she paid. We will give her her gift from the Gille kids tonight. We gave her her crown Don has commissioned (sorry it was late.) 
Steven is taking the kids to open savings accounts now.
They are back! Both have savings accounts. 
We took the big gift to my mom. Preston had a great idea and Kat made it happen. Kat face timed to watch her open it. Mom had no clue. She said it was not a picnic table but could be a table. That was close. 
Don got a substitute for the institute class they teacj on Wednesdays. And invited us, Bruce, Carol, Holly, Olivia, Trace, and us over. i invited her friends Maribet Martin and Cindy Klemm over. Cindy and her husband  came. Don grilled hot dogs, had lots of sides, and a pretty Publix cake. 
Happy birthday mom!!!! 

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