Friday, July 17, 2015

Camp Kickinthegrass

Dylan, Isaac, and Noah had fun at their 5 half days of the Rowdies soccer camp, Camp Kick In The Grass. 
On Monday, I took the girls and Tyler to the beach since Liz Walke invited us. It was a quick trip, but fun. 
Julia did not nap long. The access just south of the public IRB access has a shower, has packed sand, and is a short treck to the water. Nice for a stroller. Liz had an umbrella set up. Bonus! 
Doe got Julia her outfit, the swimsuit and hat. 
Julia and Reese played some. Malia floated in the surf the whole time. Ivy and Peyton liked the water the most. Tyler went in with me and Julia but the waves crashed in his face too much so he stuck to collecting shells. 

I attempted a group picture but julia had not napped long and wanted me. Malia gave up and left the group. Eh. 
We got back a little early and saw Noah save a ball as the goalie. I saw bothteams score. Our 3 lost by one point. 
The kids had fun every day. On Friday, it rained the whole time. The kids loved it except for the lightning part. They had to do nothing then. 

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