Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July 2015

We slept in. Cleaned while Steven made Cornbread casserole, then went to my mom's. My cousin Holly invited friends over to my mom's for a pool party. Julia wore her headband I had been creating. It broke down to little clips I had made. The white part was from her baby blessing headband. The tiny bows were from Eirit. Her dress is from Marcie. It was Ella's. 

Aunt Pam left when the party started. Don took her and Uncle Henry to the airport and asked Steven to man the grill. Steven brilliantly got the canopy out. Bruce was also asked to man the grill, but by Holly. Everyone brought meat for themselves we had potluck sides, and holly made a yummy dessert.

 Holly made the yummy cake. She had toothpicks in it with with saran wrap over it to keep it perfect. But her son stepped on the corner through the plastic so she didn't know what to do. Olivia and Steven both separately offered to eat that smushed piece. We decided to put blueberries in the corner. The Olivia added the white to complete the flag look. So festive! They also had red white and blue rice crispy treats!
We went home to get ready for thr Rowdies soccer game. The kids got to be on the field to walk the players out! They waited in the dugout then Dylan held the goalie's hand!
I dropped them off so they could get there early while Tyler and Julia napped in the car. They woke up and we went in at half time. 
Well Tyler woke up. He was cold from the A/C.
 He had to pee so we had to wake up Julia.
Steven got us all snow cones once I got there. It was hard to save seats since it is general admission there in the crazy section. 
Julia was entertained by the snow cone then by the crazy loud guys cheering behind us. "If you love the Rowdies, STAND UP!!" 
We ran to the car. It was getting windy and we wanted to wait out the storm in the car. 
 But we were hungry. So we went into a mostly empty restaurant. It was a vegetarian place. I liked it, but even I didn't like some of it. The potato wedges were good, but the dipping sauce for them wasn't good. The "white broccoli" that Tyler requested's seasoning wasn't that good. 
 We went to the car for a bit, then walked to the water to the perfect place across from the Rowdies stadium. 

I carried Tyler in the sling :)

Happy 4th!

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Aunt Kat said...

What a busy day! I thought the flag cake was made that way...and I'm glad you recorded the offers to eat the smashed piece--I'm sure the whole thing would have tasted amazing even before the patriotic makeover!

You're a good mommy for sitting in the car to help your babies get in as much nap time as possible. And sweet Julia has such a cute sleepy face. :)

Pretty cool that the older boys got to walk out on the field with the players! How did that get arranged?

And sad on the vegetarian place being not-so-yummy. Preston and I went to an Asian one on Christmas one year when nothing else was open and it was actually pretty good. I think maybe it wasn't true vegetarian though, since it was basically regular entrees but made with meat substitutes. It was called Long-life Veggie House and had all sorts of fake-meat meals, like a normal Asian restaurant's menu but with asterisks next to General Tso's Chicken and everything else and a note at the bottom that said, "*Does not include meat." Haha.