Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Myan ruins

We walked into the Tulucan ruins in Tulum and our guide talked on head sets for us. 

It was so hot and was hard to push the stroller in the dead lumpy rocky grass. We could not touch the ruins, but they were so cool to see! 
We got to text my mom who could tell Grandma happy birthday from us since we missed her big 85th birthday. 
It was Uncle Bruce's birthday too.

We stayed in the shade where we could. It was really hot.

The boys weren't really in the mood to cooperate and look up and smile. It was just too hot!

But they're good kids and did anyway. It would be cool to spend some time to actually play at the beach and cool off here and explore around more. But we were rushed.

I was kind of wanting the new selfie stick for this picture. We finally got it. The water, the cliffs, the whole family looking, and the ruins! It's such a cool thing that we were really in Mexico, and in the ruins!

And, of course, the Maria Feger vacation pose.

Yikes, who's watching the baby!

And the Larry Feger vacation pose.

Back out of the city to see how much time we have for shopping and finding something cold to drink on that hot hot hot day.

Oh my goodness, this coconut water was my high. It was the oasis at the end of our walk back, the guy chopped the top off with his big machete and we stuck a straw in it. It was cold and so refreshing and so cool to have gotten it from a local b/c Steven speaks such good Spanish. I would love this picture if it didn't have the cars inthe background. I love Dylan's confusion at my excitement for takign a photo of him just getting a drink, Tyler's red hot sweaty face because he's not getting a turn, Isaac helping his baby sister who is drinking the heck out of that cooconut. We started out with just one but bought another. Then I asked the guy to cut it so we could have some "a comer." He sliced and diced with that machete and offered some lime or salt or chile powder but I had it plain. The kids liked trying it too.

I bought a big silly hat. I had wanted to buy it before that hot time in the ruins since it's basically an umbrella for my baby. At least I got it! Steven got it for half price for me.

How cool are these guys! One even held Julia!

We rushed back to the bus and went to the beach for lunch. 

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Don B said...

These are amazing family pictures. You guys are good travelers.