Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Excursion day

My office paid for me to go on a cruise and found one where kids are free. We would need to pay for Steven, but we said HECK YES since we only had to pay for one and got 5 free! I started to blog while there, so here's a start. Hopefully I'll add more. I have SO many drafts here in blogger! 

Breakfast before our excursion, we didn't wake up early enough for the fancy breakfast. 
On the bus to the Myan ruins
In the gift shop where we were told not to buy anything, we were only there for a bathroom break and had to stay on schedule! I wanted to buy some of these for Julia. She loved the maraccas and they were like $2 American dollars for the set. We didn't have time after either. Sorry, baby :( 

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