Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Almuerzo y la Playa

We got to the beach. It was actually a single restaurant at the end of a side road off of the main road. It was like a location off of the Highway 1 in The Florida Keys. I was picturing a touristy beach with beach shops, but it only had one little shop and a closed dive office or something. Isaac found a coconut and wanted to keep it. The coconuts are cool. 
Lunch was delicious. It was included with our excursion and the place was ready for us w/ the buffet style set up. I tried to get seconds. I had initially thought it would be cool to get a table right on the sand so we could sort of set up shop there but we chose inside since the other location had been so hot. It was open air, so inside didn't have air conditioning, but it was close for getting seconds. 

I couldn't eat it that much since I was feeding Julia my food. But the boys were eager to get to that pretty water so I took my plate out there. It was a little windy, and with having to help get the kids changed and sunscreened and my plate being down on a lounge chair, my plate of food got sandy.

The sand is more gritty than ours here. I probably should've saved some. Julia started out really liking the beach.

A live band started, which was good since Julia started screaming.

I took her, screaming, into the bathroom to try to get some sand off of us. There were no showers, but we changed our clothes and walked around. She fell asleep. Finally.

Then we ran back to the ferry that would take us back to Cozumel and our cruise ship. Some girls were late getting to the bus so we pretty much ran to the fairy. We didn't get many souveniers but I did get myself and my mom a nativity like the one I have from my grandma Gille which was from Mexico. They still look the same! It's different colors but still w/ the gold accents.


Don B said...

Great post and good memories. ..

Grandpa said...

Way cool that you got a fairy to take you back to the ship! (most people have to use a ferry)