Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Update

Sleeping babies. The biys like to fall asleep in our bed then we transfer them. Julia goes to sleep by herself. 

Relief Society visiting teaching motivational message before Steven played basketball.

My first time playing in the pool.
I had the girls make ice creal, a fruit salad, and messes.
Steven worked from home on Friday and bought me lunch. I like the saying.

Because the day before, I met a new friend who made the wait worth it at Tropical Smoothie Café. 
The smoothies were overloaded w supplements and were gross so I took the kids to a different one after school on Friday.
I got to go for a jog and smelled honeysuckles. So I stopped.
My parents took me to a play to see one of my young women perform. Briana was so good!

I stayed up until after 5am to finish a photo session.
The next day, Saturday, Steven took the boys to Soccer practice while I took the other half to Brynlee Vorwaller's 1st birthday party at the beach.

We jumped in the pool before going to Anthony, formerly known as Kyriakos's 1st birthday party.

He didn't taste his cake. He was confused and cute.

The Sound of Music made me want to have one of my own favorite things, "girls in a white dresses  with blue satin sashes."
Ti was a busy day at church. President Emery was released as the stake president and Bishop Bangeter was called to replace him. We parked in a ditch of the nursing home.
Now to make Dylan's litter bug school project...

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