Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dear Julia, You're 11 months old

Dear Julia,
     You're 11 months old. You are not interrested in bottles any more. You eat pouches of fruit/veggies. You still nurse a couple of times but are easily distracted. 

     You have no desire to walk although your cut scrapped knees and bruised shins wouls appreciate it. You walk around furniture easily and have been for months. You even lift things and stand alone, but if you notice, you get scared and fall. 

     You are a pro at the stairs. It was the Chineese New Year and it is the year of tthe goat. So appropriate.

     You like to empty laundry baskets, the diaper bag, and toy boxes. You like to put toys into containers too and do it with a flick of the arm. You put blocks in the giraffe too. You unloaded Tyler's "bowl of popcorn" (bingo balls) one piece at a time down the stairs. 

     You give kisses now! The open mouth smiley lean in kind. 

     You are so cute. 

     When you are tired, you find a pacifier and the tags on one of your blankets (or a tag on a onesie or something) and lay yourself down. I can put you in your crib and you go right to sleep.

     I considered taking away your pacifier at 10 months because my friend Abigail did but couldn't. I thought I could do it for just at night maybe, but you have been sick and I was not strong enough. You can now put them in your own mouth. I only let you have it when you are in your crib, my bed, or the carseat. You do find them other times and the many other people in your life let you have it more often. 

     You like it outside.

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