Monday, April 6, 2015

Julia's Many Easter Dresses

Barbie took Easter photos of Julia and Clara with so many details including the perfect green grass and background, bunny ears, baskets, colorful eggs, hair bows, and she let Julia use one of Clara's dresses too! But that's not all...

Julia started standing by herself! And I don't mean standing by letting go of a table to stand for a second or 15 like she had the night before once, she can get herself from sitting to standing! Oh my goodness! 
Barbie sent me a text with a baby in a pink dress and bunny ears standing and I assumed it was Clara. I was at work so didn't have a chance to really look at my phone. Then I saw it was Julia! Wow! Then, after work, when I looked again, I saw it was a video! What a happy surprise. 
Still standing. Loving her Aunt Barbie. 
On Saturday, Daddy, Darren, Andre, and their friend Danielle won a volleyball tournament! We stopped at Martin's Farm right by there for some photos with baby chicks. Julia wasn't afraid at all. 

 They held a duckling too.

 The night before, it was already getting late/dark, but I wanted some photos in my mom's pretty back yard of Julia for Easter. So I had this dress.

 On Friday, I decided we should have our own Easter Egg hunt w/ church and other friends. It was a hit! AND Martin and Katy drove from Charlotte, NC to come too! They surprised our parents by walking in the front door at 6:30am that morning. (We had so much fun with them, running, egg hunting, playing at the beach, and hanging out with them at Mom's.)
But her real Easter dress is this one from my friend from work, Jessica. She gave it to me for Julia's baby shower. She doesn't work there any more, but I knew this was going to be Julia's Easter dress when I first saw it. It's perfect! In fact, this morning, I saw another like 7 year old wearing the exact dress for Easter! Her mom said it was a hammy down too. We went to the Botanical Gardens to take photos after the 2nd session of conference on Saturday evening. We got to stay after close b/c there was a wedding going on there.

And today, the actual Easter, I was out of ideas and we were just hanging at the park and inside watching Conference, and having dinner at my mom's, so she wore this. 

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