Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Baskets

My parents always got us a book in our baskets. This year, since conference is on Easter, I got the kids activity books from Usborne. I was going to trade taking maternity photos then stay for that person's baby shower, but my friend said that the girl's husband had already scheduled some maternity photos for her. BUT they would still like if I could stay for the baby shower to take photos. She said she'd give me a big book credit since she sells books. Woo hoo! Easter is completed! (I had already found the David and Goliath book on clearance.) 

We usually do "Easter Saturday," and keep the bunny and the resurrection separate, but Steven worked today, so we are doing it on Sunday. Since we had church today (and will tomorrow), the two days are blended anyway already. 

Steven got the kids some extra things. Tyler's little lawn mower broke and he uses it so much, we were itching for a reason to replace it. Steven wants to see Tyler's face squished into that shark mask, bought the kids big eggs, and got Julia some new pacifiers since we keep loosing them and honestly love that she's a paci baby and aren't going to wean her from them any time soon. 

AND if you want to celebrate this high holiday by going to church but do not regularly attend one OR even if you do, you can "go" to mine too! It is streaming live! (2x/yr we have a world wide weekend conference.) The last two sessions are at noon and 4pm (2 hrs each) on BYUtv on cable (I have Brighthouse), online at and on youtube right after. It is translated to lotsa languages too. It is relaxing, motivating, uplifting, clarifying, and even if you catch a part of one speaker or listen to one song by the #mormonTabernacleChoir, it will be worth your time. #iKnowThatMySaviorLives #easterbaskets#usbornebooks #ldsconf

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