Monday, February 16, 2015

My kids' Valentines cards

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My cool friend Jason told me about the best school Valentine's cards he was designing for his boys. He only has 2 kids so told me he was going to do one card with both boys. I'm always up for a creative photo card ideas so was all ears. He explained it was going to be the King of Hearts face card. He designed the details on the back, the blue line, the font with the hearts, everything. I asked if I could buy his template off of him because I hadn't even thought about what to do for Valentine's. He gave it to me for free! I found a little perfect crown at H+M in the mall and got even more excited! In Julia's magic closet of clothes from friends, I found an overalls dress with a heart on the front and paired it with a pink onesie and snapped away! I'm sure I would have looked for a frilly Valentine's patterned dress for my girly girl if I had to think of my own idea for Valentines cards, but this seemed just perfect. I hadn't thought about how to blend the hands, but with short arms, I gave my little queen of hearts 4 arms on the card. Tyler was a little wiggly so I had him hold onto the wood Pepsi crate that I had sat Julia on. But then what should I do with that hand that was clearly gripping the edge of the box? I figured it out as you can see. As I kept staring at real face cards, I wanted their heads turned to the side. And laughing was what I pictured in my head. It's sorta hard to get the kids to laugh at nothing off to the side. I threw some things to my left, but because of gravity, their eyes would end up looking to the ground - where the light no longer shone in their eyes. So I got one side photo, but then one laughing at me for each of the little two.
 And I thought it would be pretty cool to actually have the kids hang upside down. I didn't think of that until the bigger kids were home from school. I asked them to hang on our swingset. Getting them to look to the side and laugh at a blank space was still a challenge. The real laugh was one where Isaac was scratching the side of his nose. I liked how his shirt looked all diagonally decorated like the kings on the cards, but my husband said he'd get made fun of for years to come. So I used an upside down photo after all. Since his class mates will probably not see this post, here's my little joker (ok, Jack) of hearts along with the other one.
And here's Dylan. It looks way too photoshopped, but his arms are too long. Then too short - can you tell I had to stretch his elbow to reach the edge of the blue frame? 

And here're Jason's cute kids. He did it with each of his kids then, since he only has 2 kids, he could merge them onto the same card. Lucky! And he planned ahead for the arms. Awesome. 
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