Friday, December 5, 2014


Sunce we werr going to have an easy Friday night and order pizza, we had time for appetizers by the fire pit. Starting with s'mores and burning our fallen palm frawns was as good as it looks. After the pizza we read our advent scripture before it was late when everybody is too tired. Having somebody help do the dishes and bathrooms, eating pizza on paper plates, and having no Friday soccer ir plans is the way to go!
Julia had her first grahm crackers. She had previously fugured out how to click a pen. (As if an unclicked pen was 
ok.) She was on my lap! 
The rest if the day was good too. Because Ivy was here to play with Tyler. He got annoyed by everything Oops. She figured out how to click it. (As if an unclicked pen was a good toy idea) #toystoyseverywherebutneradroptodrink. 

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