Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dear Julia, You're 7 months old

Dear Julia, 
You're 7 months old. Aunt Kat had to tell me actually. I was in denial. We were at a park swinging you with your cousins and brother when your Aunt Kat said "hey, it's her 7 month birthday today, isn't it." I was thinking she was talking about Clara at first, then my mind went to Sadie, wondering if it was either the 17th or the 19th today, but nope. It was the 1st of December. MY own baby isn't 6 months old any more. I liked the 6 month age/month of November. You have grown so much this past month. 
So, in the middle of the previous month you went from infant to baby, but now you're trying to skip through this baby phase and go right to being a toddler! You scale around the coffee table, couches, and ottoman. When I put you down on the ground, you want to be on your feet instead of sitting. Your legs don't bend with instinct. So I let you stand a little. I remember Barbie being worried that Clara would be bow legged at the phase when she would push to standing on our laps. Well I don't know what month that is, but we'll be in trouble if I worry about standing because you push up on anything and are always trying to get your hands and torso to higher ground. Toys appeal to you if they have the potential to be climbed upon. 
Somehow you missed the phase where you lay on your back or sit in your car seat and discover how your feet taste. You use your little feet to get you to better things to eat I guess. 
You do want people food now. You like some baby food. I had you use a sippy cup to show Clara and you went to town. You pull water in and push a good amount back out, but you're getting better. And you let me know when you're not done yet - you really want more. Although this afternoon, you were fussy and I tried nursing you but you were not into that then lunged for Tyler's sippy cup and wanted it but seemed like you were still not satisfied. Maybe you wanted milk in it. My milk didn't come out fast enough for Dylan at 5 months. I haven't switched you to faster flow bottles, but maybe this sippy cup thing isn't such a good idea. If you didn't waste water while drinking from one, I'd maybe try giving you milk in the cups. But I'm in no rush to quit nursing you. It IS so cute feeding you a bottle though. I get to see more of your little round face. And you can look at me too. 
Uncle JT asked me how long people usually nurse and I didn't have a good answer for him. I told him something I had heard about the CDC recommendations, but then decided to look it up myself today. That website and the American Association of Pediatrics or something talked about breast fed babies getting all the nutrients they need up to 6 months without needing any supplements. So no vitamins, minerals, water, juice, foods etc are needed for the first 6months. That's good to hear since I have absolutely no schedule for you as far as foods go. Cereal is a pain to make because if you're hungry, you're not that patient, and there're so many distractions that pumping then mixing cereal that may get wasted is not an option, then you don't love the formula with cereal which is still time consuming to make. 
Anyway, so nursing for 6 months is healthy. Then it is a good and main source of nutrients through age 2 and is appropriate as long as the mom and baby desire. If the mom or baby are sick or hospitalized, nursing should continue or pumping is a good option. I plan on pumping through your first year. I doubt I will pump after that but may still nurse you. You may be done before I though. 

You are happy. 
You go to other people well although if 

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