Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Little Things in a day

My friend challenged us to plan things to do after nap time. It goes with my New Year's Resolutions to plan instead of letting the kids do meaningless things like TV. She made these treats as a suggestion. I have had some before but had not looked up a recipe. 
We rolled the oats my dad and I canned in 2007 when he borrowed the church canner machine thingy. He bought me the grinder/roller and we've used it a lot. 
Yummy! I wish I had doubled it. There are only two balls left. 
I have to admit that the boys do find good things to do on their own. 
Dylan bought the chisel with his own money to look for fossils in big rocks. Pretty cool. 
They DO need direction too. I made and printed math worksheets for the boys from this site, . I will do that more. And we are reading both "The Adventures of Ton Sawyer" and "the Boxcar Children" instead of (or after less) TV before bed. 
Tyler knows how to push buttons. Dylan's buttons in particular. Kat made these toddler toys which came in handy when Dylan was so annoyed. Tyler just needed to be redirected. I have done it before with him a real Montessori way. But I turned my back to find the Halloween lid and the other randoms with him decorating the pipe cleaners any way he wanted. He had already matched the curly pipe cleaners into their proper holes on the tall toy. Dylan ended up helping to put these away. And now we're missing the white beads. Whatever, it worked when I needed it! I need to have more things planned like this so my friend Julia's invite will help! 

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