Monday, July 21, 2014


Christmas in July! Having a baby girl, I do NOT really want another play room filled with girly toys. No thank you. Can I avoid throwing her birthday parties? j/k, sorta. Too many toys already! But I always like books, and luckily so do my kids. So I'm going to order some for gifts now for them and for other kids. You can too w/ this link if you want. Just look at my Facebook timeline cover, I realized later that it's books!

Surrounding my baby girl w/ books on her Dr. Seuss blanket my mom made her. Usborne books can only be purchased through consultants and museum gift shops (to my knowledge.) Home schoolers (like I was) use them as part of their curriculum too (like my mom did.) Here's my link FYI:
So yea, I'm considered a consultant. But I'm not planning on having any parties. I may do online book fairs for my kids' school or something to give the school more books. But no real house parties :) I'm going to get some so I'll be a tiny bit less stressed this fall.

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