Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break!

The kids woke up early so they could play with Legos. After eating cantaloupe Isaac picked out, we ate the coconut that Dylan picked out.
Then we took pictures of my belly and boys after cleaning up the shaggy palm trees. Then they went in the pool while I cleaned it. Dylan went all the way in but did not stay. Tyler stayed on the shady steps. Isaac swam a lot! The water temp is 78. Cool still. 
Steven worked overtime today, Saturday, and I had two parties I could have attended but getting things done around here and working with just my kids was so good for me. I could put my feet up when they got tired, I did not have to interrupt Tyler's nap, and the boys are so happy being busy here. 

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Aunt Kat said...

You let the boys pick their own fruit? Genius!

How did you open the coconut? I don't think I've ever bought one of those ... unless maybe I bought one from a local walking around on a Dominican beach several years ago. At least one of my friends did, and the vendor opened it for her/us with a machete.

Looks like you had a beautiful day with your kiddos and got things done at home. Are you at all tempted to jump into the cold pool to cool off? Or do you not get that hot when you're pregnant?