Friday, March 21, 2014

Picking Loquats

The kids' piano teacher had a bowl of orangey yellow prune-sized tropical fruit on her dining room table. I tried one after her description of them tasting like sour apricots. Sure enough, the loquat was not only that color, but was tart. It was softer than an apricot but maybe because their soft skin needs to be pealed off first. The inside is more similar to a grape but has membranes separating the seeds similar to the jack fruit. My second one had two seeds in it and was not as sour. They usually have multiple large smooth seeds which are similar to but smaller than the jack fruit's. Marie told me they were from her parents' trees. And she told me he has a house close and that we should go pick some! So I called her dad to ask/tell him we would go over so he would know. He was doing yard work when we got there. It is a never-ending task with his 2.5 acre lot. I had my boys help pick up moss and sticks. It was the least we could do. We ate some on the spot.
Dylan and Isaac climbed to reach some. 
He has a beautiful house and an almost as big garage. He took us on tours. The kids were amazed he did not live here at this one. I asked and he has 24 houses! 
Brother Bissey opened his grand piano and let the kids play. He said his mom was a piano teacher too so he would play us something. He put it on auto and blew the kids' mind first with his "talent" then with how the notes were being pushed down without fingers doing it, then again when he stood up! Dylan and Isaac were so amazed. 
It was a fun random stop. The kids even each got to take home peacock plumes from the yard! 

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Aunt Kat said...

You are much more well-versed in your fruits than I am. I don't have any idea what a jack fruit is! But loquats I think I've at least seen...on trees or when you and Matt picked some on a neighborhood jog way back when, I think.

I love the pictures of Brother Bissey amazing the kids with his piano talents. So funny! And woah, he has a LOT of houses!!!