Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring break day 1, rain day

I was not happy to hear that today and tomorrow are supposed to rain. The days that all 6 kids are together. They have to be cooped up inside spoiling our park plans. Tyler woke up optimistically and put on his pool gear. He has gone in the pool the last two days.

Altazara came over and we did puzzles. We also memorized John 14:15 since Uncle JT said that would be a good one for them last night when I asked him over email. I had the kids write it out too to work on handwriting. Then it was back to chaos for a bit. Don called and asked if he could take Dylan for a special day out. I asked if he could take Isaac today since Isaac feels left out on all 6 kids days. Don had planned on taking the other kid the next day. He said he gets lots of time with just Tyler but wanted bonding time with the other two. He is the best. 

Persistent Tyler kept asking if he could go in the pool. It had not rained all morning so I consented to the kids playing in or by the pool but not in the grassy or muddy areas on the other side of the white picket fence. They all chose to go in the pool. Noah jumped right in, no hesitation.
Then they all had lunchables and the Crews had what they brought for lunch too. Then Don came to get excited Isaac. Don took Isaac to a car museum! And to Uncle Andre's work too. Isaac proudly showed off Andre's business card souvenir when he got back and was proud to show off the photos Don had texted me. 
The 5 kids played a little then they needed to settle down. So I turned on a recorded 3 Ninjas movie and after a bit put Ivy, Tyler, and myself to nap. Nice. I woke up before Isaac got back, running in from Granddad's truck. It was pouring outside! Enough TV. Tyler and Ivy woke up when we were getting the board games out. Who knew Sorry could be so stressful! I was happy to get the text from Darren saying he was on the way. We did not get that far into the game. 
I should have cooked dinner but nothing sounded delicious so Steven suggested we meet at Moe's. Yay. The kids did pushups and jumping jacks since I was not in the mood to take 6 kids in the rain to Tae Kwon Do tonight but being inside all afternoon was not healthy. Then they started homework while Tyler insisted that he needed to mow the lawn in the rain. 
He came in saying "I'm soaking." He got a warm bath before dinner. 
We played two games of less stressful Sorry, then b/c I was done and we said no to starting a movie, Isaac got out the chess board. There was plenty of whining but they said they could figure it out on their own. 
Tyler asked why there were boats in the water then went over to investigate. Had he just now discovered my painting my Grandpa Rebeck painted for me? I do believe I was his favorite. Ha.
I finally called the chess game a draw. The kids were serious about cheating accusations and did not like that I was taking pictures of their "nuh uh, you took your hand off's." They realized the trivialness of it all (I hope). 
I hope they are good for Corrie tomorrow! By "they," I mean all 6 of them. I love them all but wish (and pray) that I can plan and help them think clearly. I of course need to think clearly myself. They each have SUCH potential! I love them! 

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Aunt Kat said...

Wow, you had them memorize a scripture and work on handwriting! Nice work keeping those brains a-growing during spring break! :)

And I love that Don is taking Isaac and Dylan on adventures too so Tyler doesn't monopolize all the Grandad fun. A car museum--what a great idea! And I'm impressed that they thought of a business card and a photo at Andre's work to turn that stop into an adventure too. There are so many things that can brighten kids' days if we just pay attention to the wonder they have at the things we don't even think twice about. :)

And I can imagine Sorry being stressful. Pretty funny that complicated Chess without any help was less so!