Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Peanut Jelly Sandwich"

Tyler made his own peanut butter sandwich today. He walked in the livingroom with a sandwich and it caught me by surprise. I expected to find a mess in the kitchen, but the empty bread bag was on the counter, the peanut butter had its lid back on, and his favorite yellow baby spoon was in the sink with some peanut butter still hanging on. Huh. He did not get the jelly out and for that I am thankful. Those lids do not have enough of a resolution when tightening them. The manufacturers count on the stickiness of jelly overflow to help keep the lids sticking on I think. The bottles are too short and fat for little hands to grab coming at them from the side when stored behind the safety railing of the fridge door. So their natural handles are their lids and the tiny slippery condensy area just under that nubby ledge. Anyway, I like self-sufficient kids so it's cool with me!

Another milestone is that Tyler was officially showing off. He hit my mango tree to death I think. Andre and Barbie gave it to me and I do not know if it will survive. Tyler proudly professed that he hit it with his shorts. He pees in the grass now so I guess he needed more attention than that act of marking his territory gave him. And he did not want to put his shorts back on yet. He had a friend, Michael, over and while I walked my friend, Michael's mom, upstairs so she could go through boy clothes, Tyler hurt the tree. Then later, he was being crazy for Barbie. He can be crazy when he is comfortable, but I do not know if he has been that comfortable with her before. Not a good look on him. He fell asleep in the car instantly after that so maybe that had something to do with his fighting putting pants on. 

He is not violent to people, just dancing around craziness. He loves to hold and help with Clara. I an glad that was not just a phase. He really likes her.
He likes Ivy too. They fight a fair share, but the worst thing he does to her is not share or maybe snatch back a toy. They play for hours in the sandbox talking about Santa and fishing.

Tyler does like to be the center of attention. Like in prayers, he knows he is cute and prays louder than the boys so his prayer gets the last word. He is growing up!

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Kathryn said...

Impressive on the PB sandwich complete with clean-up, but so sad about the mango tree! You'll have to let us know if it survives. Was it in a little pot in the house, or was it already planted outside?