Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh thank heaven for 7-11

On July eleventh, 7-Eleven stores give away free small slurpees. After work i took my little guys to slosh through the melted purplish brown puddle on the convenient store's floor to one-handedly dispense the classic summertime slushy beverage with the other moms who also had babies on their hips. Vicki crew was one of the brave moms. How fun that she happened to pull up with her 4 grandkids at the same time! I did not get a picture with those crew kids because we got the heck outta there. Chaos!

I used to like slurpees more and crave them each spring on the first hot day. Now, the thought of unloading kids to get them a cup of staining fake juice with a too tall straw that is meant to scoop the bright red slippery stuff in and out back and forth across laps or shirts at least is horrifying. And where am I to have the kids eat them? In the car? With lids that have a humungus hole in the top? With those too tall straws that are meant to drip in and out of that lid repeatedly? Making that huge hole in the top of the lid actually seem too small? So then those pesky lids pop off and are forgotten in their own self-un-contained mini-puddles? I think not! So once a year is good enough for me. Although I should probably pay and avoid the free messes day!!

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