Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th, 2013

We started with a relaxing morning with going for a jog and mowing the lawn before jumping in the cold (82 degrees) pool. We all took naps with the exception of Dylan and Isaac who giggled in their room making "bombs."
 We woke u Tyler so we could go sit in the rain and watch "The Sandlot" in the van.
 Notice Dr. Brayer's ad on my phone? Our campaign is working!

 With blue skies, we ventured out to the beach with the Crews.
 We built our "Fort of July" as we have done in years past.
We were only about a foot above sea level here. Ivy liked the kiddy pool we made her.
 We tried making a tunnel but it collapsed.
Isaac was in his element. The girls actually found a live star fish! I should have taken its picture.
 Tyler had fun running and running until he tripped and got some sand burn on the side of his baby face.

 We went in the water but not for too long since the waves and current were pretty strong.
I tried lifting Tyler over a big wave but instead faced him into it and he got smacked in the face with the wave. Poor baby, I'm sorry!
 He got over it and didn't complain any more until we were loading up at the end of the night and he wanted me to hold him. What a good baby!
 We took a picture of all of the kids before Ivy left with her Mamaw and Papaw Crew for the night.

 Kiss bye bye.

 Then it poured. Steven went in the warmer water with Dylan and I huddled under a towel with my other boys.

Then the skies calmed. Then it rained again and the kids kept warm by running laps around, over, and into the fort.
 Darren had to show the kids how to jump high to clear the wall of his fortress.
 We invited my mom who was probably watching the radar and laughing to herself. When I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach to- she finished my sentence with "-to get rained on?" She's smart. How did Tyler not complain?! Nobody did in fact!
 Darren was more than excited that we bought these cookies. Corrie had ignored his request. She's healthier than we are I guess:) She packed tons of berries and fruit. We ate that too! They ordered a pizza and it got delivered by foot right to our fort! We had Publix subs. What a perfect night!
 We didn't know how long we would have before the next rain so we started sparklers and bottle rockets. My mom gave us a bag of fireworks she found in her garage. They were good ones. Steven thinks they might have been ones one of my brothers had purchased. He was pretty excited about them!
 Tyler wanted the sparklers and liked them but didn't twirl them around.
 Until we got a system down and we lit bunches of sparklers and we all took turns running around the fort like crazy happy kids.
 Steven lit off the big thing of Publix fountains at the shore line.
 We utilized the fort. I did a sparklers chain and it worked despite doubt of others:) I'm pretty sure my dad taught me how to do that in the cracks between the side walk slabs when we did fireworks in the middle of our cul de sac in Oklahoma. I think he figured out how to turn off our street light too. I'm going to call him tomorrow on his birthday and I'll ask him how.

 We got a little worried when it was 10 after 9pm, drizzling, and the city of St. Pete Beach's fireworks had not started. I was considering walking to the car. But then the miracle of the big bangs started!

 Tyler saw fireworks after a baseball game about a month ago or so. I'm glad we had practiced. These were much closer and basically right overhead but he was okay with it! He started talking and giving the play by play.

 Isaac took some pictres.

 And for the grand finale, Steven's big fountains!
The kids finished their dinner after their shower. They were having too much fun to take time to eat all of their subs before. I LOVE summer time when it's okay to stay up late. I hope they sleep in again but if not, we'll take naps! I know I will :)

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rachel kanooth said...

How awesome. I LOVED the fort idea. You guys are so creative. How fun!!!