Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Tyler, You are 22 months old!

Dear Tyler, 
You are amazing. You are smart, silly, observant, cute, and a bit spoiled. You talk all the time. You have full conversations and speak fairly clearly. You learned the word "blankie" from Ivy. Neither of you pronounce its L sound. You used to only sign for it. I know you got that pronounciation from her because we pronounce it, blanket. Dylan used to call his a "laylet. She picked up "ooh ooh" in place of "monkey" from you. I like how you say "goose" for juice and "pam pah" for your grandpa. You love him so much and like your routine of requesting his "hapi-coptuh" when you find him. You love your "Gamah" and are still singing happy birthday to her. My favorite thing is how you clearly automatically reply "thank you mama" when i do something you appreciate. 

You discovered running and hiding in clothes racks. Dylan gets so worried about the whole situation and wishes for a short leash I am sure. 
You are so happy to discover and "nun" (run.) It is really a fun game to you. You laugh and look back over your shoulder. 
When it is time to stay by my side, you practice self control but ask repeatedly to run. We were waiting in line after you held my fingers up to the front of the store and I loved how you, my little runner, asked to switch and hold your big brother's hand. 
You are a self starter and take the initiative to push chairs where they need to be to help yourself reach things. Today you climbed up, took my little camera and ordered the fruit, "[say] cheeeese onge. Cheeeeeese appow. Cheeeese banana."
Once upstairs, you give good kisses.
You are in a "watch me" phase. You climb and slide and try to jump all the time. You have done the "look mana, no hands!" tricks. 
You can sort of swim now. Scary.  I love summer time. Late bed times, sleeping in, field trips, all of my beach trips, time to read, I am so happy. I love you my boo boo baby b boy. 

Love, Mommy


betsey said...

Love it all! He is such a sweet boy, I can't wait to meet him! Live you as a momma of three sweet boys Tiffany!

Katy said...

I love that he took pictures of the fruit and told them to, "Say cheese!" He is so cute and I am really excited to see him and you all at Christmas :)

Vicki B said...

Love that sweet little voice saying 'Gamma' !

Alicia said...

So cute! You described McKay except he doesn't talk in sentences and is not close to swimming. The running, watch me, and playfulness is so McKay though! Adorable boys!