Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sometimes cell phone pics are non threatening. they're not quality, but man are they convenient! And I don't feel the need to edit before posting. 
Stephen did a photoshoot w/ our babies in their santa outfits. My friend gave me a santa outfit and I had one, so we had little santa baby twin cousins! 
 Tyler liked his baby cousin. But when we were at Carabbas (thank you mom and Don),

 I held baby Ephraim after I ate.
He wanted me and did his first "please" sign!!! 
At least he has been paying attention. 
So then I held both of them:) 
Tyler pet Ephraim. It made me nervous, but note my hand is the fast one, Tyler was being gentle. 
We went to the botanical gardens to see the lights. 
 And I got out of the car w/o my camera card or phone. These are from Stephen's camera.
After church the next day, Stepheni was holding both of them. Tyler wanted to touch again.
 Today I went for a run with my babies. They shouldn't probably still have bottles, but I don't follow rules.
 Ivy was the aggressor here.
 And, as planned, they took naps right after our run. Tyler got a head start on his as you can see.
 Then it was kiss kiss time. Tyler is giving the cutest little baby kisses. He did the open mouth phase for a couple of weeks, but now does the pucker "mw-ah" kisses. still wet ones. He'll just kiss whomever is laying their heads down on pillows. He wakes me up with his kisses sometimes.

 Ivy rode in the big swing today!
 Dylan, Malia, and Isaac are in this bush (ball catcher bush). Can you see them? I can only see Dylan.
 Tyler took a turn at the swing. He loved it too!
The end

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Aunt Kat said...

Yay for pictures and fun stories and cute kids ... and the fact that the "ball catcher" bush is still alive and well and eating not just balls but also children! I definitely can't see anyone but Dylan. :)