Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Feger {Andre and Barbie's 2012 wedding}

June 9, 2012
Today was Andre and Barbie's 1 year wedding anniversary. They were married a decade after Steven and I were married. That's fun to think about. Anyway, it's about time to blog their wedding! I'll place this in the right place later. If I remember.
I love this picture. It has 4 Fegers in it, Darren, a blue sleve, the preacher, and the camera man. I love the looks on everyone's happy faces.
 I made the ring bearer pillow from my temple handkerchief. It worked as something old:)
 He was a little nervous, but at a perfect age because he also enjoyed the attention and was really careful with such an important responsibility. Plus he loves his aunt and uncle.

 I couldn't take pictures in the ceremony, so here's after the kissing of the bride.

 Tyler slept through the whole thing. I had him sit with my mom in case she had to walk out with him.

 We stayed for the pictures.

 Then my mom took the boys home to her house for the night.

 Steven did the looping slide show, I love that we got to use her bridal picture here, and I love the sign in book with their engagements! It came in JUST in time, whew!
 Barbie's Aunt Barb.
 They took some pictures around the beautiful Clearwater sites and there at the sailing club.

The wedding party all walked in fun different ways.

 Andre and Barbie had a whole dance choreographed!

 We took a break from dancing to go cool off and eat delicious dinner.

 The best man's speach was a hit!

 And so was Anna's. We decided she was more brave.

 I attempted some pictures. This one came out. That's about it though.

 The dancing continued with a life band, Jeff from Andre's work played while Muneca and Antonio and others danced.

 These two stayed near the photo booth to not loose their permanent place in line. And when in line, they took pictures with their own cameras of course.

 Jonathan crashed the party. He came after dinner and only drank water so I figured it would be okay. He's a fun dancer.
 Ok so everybody was a fun dancer that hot night!!

 The DJ even took a picture of our fun!

We walked across to our hotel and everybody changed and jumped in the pool. Until we were told it was too late for that.

It was beautiful, fun, and big - just as it should have been. 
I love Andre and love Barbie. I'm happy to be a part of the Feger family. I always knew Andre would find the perfect beautiful sweet girl for him. And I was always hoping he would find somebody that I would really like so that I could have another friend and he did it! I can call her to talk, she can come over w/o us planning something through our husbands, she's just as thoughtful as Andre is, it's a match made in heaven. They are their real selves with each other but they are both better b/c of the other too, does that make sense? I think we should always associate ourselves with people who we aspire to be more like because we will basically become the average of our closest friends. And they both have such good qualities and are both good people. They are forever thinking of others before themselves and are so accommodating yet have their own priorities in order and achieve every goal they set. 
So now it's a year later, their 1 year anniversary and they're pregnant with their first baby girl. I'm so happy for them still!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tiffany!!!
- Andre

[Grand]Dad said...


Barbie Feger said...

Thank you so much Tiffany. I'm most thankful to add such a thoughtful, caring, creative, and fun sister to my life (to mention only a few!) but so much more comes with you than sisterhood. You're so talented and made our day so special in so many ways. Thank you for the tribute on your page. The pictures have inspired me to really get things together and make an album. I love you and appreciate everything you do for me/us! Andre and I could only hope to follow in the original Mr. and Mrs. Feger's footsteps!! XO