Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pictures to go with the smiley day

Isaac and Noah made sugar cookies. 
 They got pretty dark because the mail lady brought our first Christmas gifts!!! 

 Isaac is watching his big brother.

 "What, I get a present too?!?!"

 "He he, they theyink I can read!"

"Here it is, my first Christmas card!" 
 We got Dylan and Malia (long car lines) then Dylan opened his matching PJs.
 All 6
 frosting the sugar cookies - outside, and with pink frosting.  I'm still a cook mom even if I didn't make and get out Christmas colors and sprinkles. 
 Another tradition that isn't really working: Reading a story about Jesus each night by candle light.  The first night, our power was out when we got home from work.  On December 1st.  I was excited because it was perfect!  We could read by candle light, do homework by candle light, and even cut snow flakes while talking about traditions and Christmas etc.  Instead we went to Andre and Barbie's house and did homework, helped move a fridge, and cut snowflakes.  They're so hospitable but I felt bad for imposing our big family of 5 on them unanounced.  And I felt dirty and tired from after work and just felt so bad.  Anyway, we did read on Dec 5th as well. 

This morning, Isaac asked me what we were going to do this evening.  I wasn't sure what he was talking about and he said "You said we would do something Christmassy every night, what are we going to do tonight?"  So cute.  I went visiting teaching after dinner, so Steven read them the "please tell the children" story about the symbols of Christmas.  We have a bag of tiny items that goes with it.  I'd like to do the simple hot chocolate one night, but it's not cold.  We keep putting our A/C on. 

We were going to go ice skating, but Steven pointed out that he doesn't like that as much as roller skating and the kids should start there first.  So I took the boys roller skating.  They were brave.  So we checked that off of our list. 


Kathryn said...

I think it's very descriptive of you that your 3-year-old knows the word "Christmassy." :) And I think it's funny that I'm not the only one who calls Tyler Isaac sometimes! (see caption above photo #4)

Tyler looks a lot like Dylan did in that one of him with a present by his head.

Fun presents and pictures to go with them! Your tree looks cute with all of the photos and homemade ornaments. And six kids is a LOT! Seriously, that photo just made it hit me that you have 6 kids under the age of 6--that's a lot of work!! I'm sure they don't mind at all that they're using pink frosting on their sugar cookies--at least they're getting sugar cookies! :)

And I have to say, I really like the photo of the candles with the advent list paper and the scriptures. Brings back good memories.

Rachel said...

Tiff, I just finished reading through you blog and love all your cute art projects you do with your boys. Loved the thankful tree along with the shirts. You are a great mom.