Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Baby

Here's a hat by Rachael.  She uses the $ to buy supplies to make these hats for the kids staying at the Ronald McDonald house.  I sent her a link to a hat on etsy.com to see if she could do it.  She made it differently than the picture, but it works and I love the pom pom at the end.  I was trying a twinkle lights picture b/c I just bought a 50mm lense w/ a 1.4 appeture.  This is all the way open at 1.4 here.  He's not too wiggly, so I could get the focus even though I'm way low doing a sit up to get this from the floor.  I wish I had set the lights up lower so I wouldn't get an up the nose shot to get the lights.  Oh well, this is still cute and once I buy more lights ona white strand this time, I'll do retakes.  Steven and I need new desktop background pictures at work. 

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Aw, well, baby noses are turned up anyway, so nobody is surprised or grossed out by up-the-nose shots. :)

I don't know photog lingo, so does the twinkle lights effect come from leaving the aperture open for a long time (...and trying to to keep the baby still and trying not to breathe or shake during your sit-up)? It's really cool, however you did it. :) I'll be smooching those chubby baby cheeks in a week!!!