Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Tree

I had the kids cut out their own leafs.  Malia's are red, Dylan's are orange, Noah's are yellow (I had to hold my fingers out away from his quick siscors as I turned the yellow paper), and I cut Isaac's green ones while he cut confetti to make our trash can colorful. 
 They each yelled told me what they were thankful for and I wrote it down on their colored leaves. 
They placed their own leaves on the swirls of glue. Then we attempted a picture - but they were done with this craft.
P.S. I've done this in years past with leaf stickers and I wrote things down on them, then I saw a posterboard sized one on a blog this past week and I decided to do that - only to give the toddlers a lot more freedom b/c I'm really not controlling enough (should 2yr olds use siscors? when I really can only truely supervise one kid at a time? - for example)

AND it's on the back of an old Young Women's theme poster that I found when cleaning out our YW closet.  I'm the YW president, and that same blogger just became the YW president in her ward!  I'm going to be looking up to her even more now!  I'm a lot like her in that I'm no good at delegating (although I have been doing a lot more of that this year b/c I have HAD to) and I am quite content being the helping the one in charge.  I just went to a good presidency training meeting last night, and the song "I NEED the EVERY hour" keeps coming to mind.  It's not MY position that's called, I'm just the one helping Him.  It is extremely humbling - and causes tears - both kinds.

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shawni said...

So the pictures too. Be sure to send over any wing-dinger YW ideas you have!! Love, Shawni