Sunday, November 7, 2010

li'l rock climber

I take my eye off of this kid for one minute -
     and look where I find him:
I couldn't be more happy:) 
I was taking pictures of Malia, and this is what Dylan was doing behind my back. 
He jumped up to that blue hand hold some how - confident and so strong!
And willing to take time out to pose for a photo for his mommy -
even when all of his weight is on one hand.
That's all - I just figured it deserved a post all to itself. 
I can do that - it's my blog (and soon to be blog book!)
Well, probably not that soon, It took me 3 years to get my 2007 one, but I LOVE it!  I have already been showing it off to everybody.  In fact, it's checked out of my library home to my mom's house right now.
THANK YOU KAT for my 30th birthday present!  I thought it might have been my best birthday gift yet, but I was going through my blog book and noticed that in 2007, for my 27th birthday, Steven flew my cousin Lacey into town as a big surprise.  I had no clue.  And she did a family photo session for us as her birthday present to me.  And Steven didn't complain as another birthday present to me.  I've had a lot of good birthday presents I guess - thanks to my big family.  It's not that I had forgotten that birthday, but it's so amazing to be able to read it, and to see pictures to refresh my memory all over again with my 2007 blog book from my sister, Kat. 
Another thing is that it's Chrissy's birthday today.  I have her blog up and am listening to the play list that Lacey and Grant put together.  2007 was the year that she passed away.  I like the simple fact that her death was documented in my blog too. 
Anyway, now that I have the first one - everybody sees the value in it.  It's like a scrap book w/o all of the scrap.  It's like a photo album w/o all of the loose photos.  It's like a calendar because all of the dates are right there.  It's like a journal b/c you know that I like to ramble!  And it's like a yearbook b/c of the hard boundedness of it - except that I cherish EVERY SINGLE PAGE instead of the 5 that I'm on and the 6 that Steven is on!  (We were in the same high school for one year and didn't know each other.)  So Steven sees that it is totally worth the investment b/c we bought year books each year w/o thinking and they're like $70 each or something.  And you know what - I can have people sign this book - ooh, good idea!  I can have my kids draw on the blank pages at the end - like their hand prints or something. 
K, Dylan is a monkey, and my sister knows how to make my day, my month, or even my year (and my posterity - you know Dylan and Isaac's wives will fight over these when I'm gone.)


Kat Gille said...

Kee-yoot! I'm impressed that Dylan's a fearless little climber. How fun that he figured that stuff out all by himself! He must be pretty confident to hang like that and smile for the camera! And the yellow shoes are the perfect little accent. :)

Kat Gille said...

P.S. Oh, and I'm SOOOO happy you like the blog book. :)