Saturday, November 20, 2010

the school Fall Festival (I love their teachers)

I took the 4 kids to Noah and Isaac's class so they could go with the 2 year olds to the fall festival! 
 There's no PTA at this school, so this is one of the only ways I can be involved. 
I just love their teacher.  She was reading a book to the kids when we walked in.  She had one girl in time out and was sweetly ignoring her. That may not seem nice, but she really handles everything so well, and doesn't seem flustered ever. 
 After singing songs with the kids, she gives them each a small candy.  It's consistency that I love. 

 Then we went into the big lunch room where the parents volunteered at the little booths.  The kids got prizes that the parents had brought in. 
 Look at their teacher - with a camera and a smile! 

 Then we went outside to eat their morning snack. 
Next, I took these 4 to Home Goods where they were so silly and I got compliments on how well behaved all of my children were.  (Ok, so I also got the dirty nervous looks by people who seemed to think of the store as a museum where kids should NOT be.) 

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