Saturday, November 6, 2010

Field Trip Friday ~ Lake Seminole Park

This is my favorite picture of my 4 kids. 
 I know, only two of them are really mine, but today, they were mine all mine, nose picking and all:)
 I took these two pictures to make the one below (and the b/w version)
The result:
This is for you Lacey, it reminds me of your story from yesterday. 
 And this would have been good for your "feet" photo-a-day.
Guess what they're looking at.
It's for Abbey - so she'll want to visit us . . . 
after your busy photography season. 
 Did you guess it?
Dylan caught a lizard. 
Right after Isaac stomped on one and right before that dead one's friend bit Isaac for revenge.  Isaac FREAKED out. 
These kids are dangerous, and they ran off AND are really fast now AND I thought I lost Noah (only for 5 seconds - he was behind a column).  But man did we have fun - they didn't even beg to go to the playground which was in plain sight. 
 In case you really read the words on my blog, I'll break the news.
There will be a 5th kid in these pictures in July! 
I'll have a baby newborn in a sling when we go on outings. 
Corrie is pregnant!  She just told me and I'm excited!
The real reason we went was for Malia's 5 year birthday picture.
Can you believe she's almost 5? 
That means that just 3 months later, MY baby will be 5 years old too. 


Lindsay said...

Yeah for babies. I thought for a second you were saying you were prego and my heart stopped a second out of excitement. Haha. Congrats to Corrie. So fun!

Lacey McKay said...

These are gorgeous Tiffany! I love every one of them! It looks like you guys had fun and really captured them being themselves.

Abbey says "I want a tiny lizard!"

And yes, that is exactly what my girls looked like, right before they bit the dust and ruined their tights.

The Stevens said...

Wow, I almost thought you were going to say you were pregnant! Congrats to Corrie. Fun! Cute pictures. I love looking at your Fishy Face blog too :) (and I miss you, and we need to hang out soon, really soon!)

Kat Gille said...

Great post! So much to say ...

Malia is such a pretty little girl, and that last photo captures her beauty. :)

I'm impressed the kids were that willing to do so many photos, especially sitting in a row like in those first ones. Great shots or their personalities!

Yeah, I was wondering if you were talking about you or Corrie when you said you'd have a newborn in a sling before too long. You like to have babies within a few months of Corrie though, so ... ? :)

The lizard pictures are great. Is Dylan like JT in wooing lizards to let him catch them? And why in the world did Isaac stomp on one? I have to admit it made me laugh to read that, since it seems so like him to just stomp on something and not even think about what he's doing ... and since your commentary about it made lizards into things that can have friends and feelings and want revenge. Awesome.

And are all these kids really this good of friends? Seems like they were playing REALLY well together. Is that pretty common?

And it's really weird that Dylan will be 5 in a couple of months. That means he'll go to kindergarten next year, huh? Weird!

Kat Gille said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, great job on patching two photos into one so that the kids would both be looking at the camera and smiling! Did you have to make that shadow behind their hands? Impressive! And it's funny, but they kinda look like they're the same age in that picture--Malia looks really young!