Saturday, November 19, 2016


I feel bad using that hashtag on someone other than my own amazing in my last post. Steven is the reason that I got to go to the beach. He had the day off and woke me up so I could go to a 6:30 #burnbootcamp and offered to take the kids to school for me but I had errands so he tried bribing Julia to stay home with him so I could volunteer in Tyler's class without her. Then he did a bunch of stuff around the house then took me to get a Y membership and we swam laps together before having a delicious lunch date (with Julia) at @casitataqueria . He suggested I take a nap (which of course I did) while he worked on the pool and took his car to get an oil change and went to Publix. THEN while I left with my cameras, he grilled dinner and played with the kids and was still doing landscaping when I got back from the fun shoot. So yea, initiating family pictures and booking the photographer is every girl's wish but MY husband is the #besthusbandever !!!

No school = October Spring Break beach day after burn boot camp. Tyler's favorite part was the hammocks with Audie, Ivy, Julia, and Everest. He said Audie is the best because he swings them the highest. And I went to my friend's Core Strength class at the YMCA. Luckily it's just a half hour! She does all the exercises with the class instead of just directing us! 

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