Saturday, November 19, 2016

DC day 2

Today's Highs and lows: 
Steven- Stomach being upset 
Tiff- miscommunications like being yelled at for trying to save us at least our exit fare since we didn't use the metro in the morning or being yelled at for going where I was told was the plan: bathrooms and rush out, only to be called and yelled at when I was worried and was in the middle of a text and found out that others went a different way and I could not catch up until the end. Being rushed, and Julia getting shoved down and told she had to be out of all photos when it looked to me like she was smiling, trying, and being cute.
Then she was told it was her fault for not listening when it was a miscommunication. I also kinda wanted to do a tripod family photo in the shade of a building but on our way up to the Washington Monument, we had the picture fiasco which made Julia cry and I didn't feel like asking for a photo, then we switched to walk on the sunny side of the capital so we could be by the botanical gardens but we didn't cross the street to be even near them on our way to the Library of Congress. Then we were cutting it close for our tour so although I saw the most beautiful Yellow tree and lightning, we had to pass it. Then it was windy on our way back and cloudy at that yellow tree. Then more windy and cold and our jackets were on and hair blown. Then we waited, seatless, in the metro station. I do love how I can just go along for the ride and can have no stress, so I can't complain aloud. Maybe I will plan tomorrow. The kids need more time to explore and climb without being told abruptly to get moving. We didn't have a stroller and Tyler felt like he could puke a little after lunch. He held it in a long time, poor baby. Everyone did wear clothes I had hoped they would wear and we did get some great fam vacation pics :) 
Dylan- puking and pooping simultaneously 
Tyler- being sick then puking

Steven- The botanical gardens because he had never been there before 
Tiff- walking into the main area of the Library of Congress and seeing the ceilings and saying "wow" and having the docent notice and love my appreciation then remembering a little from the last time and how I sneaked a no flash photo while looking down into the reading room before in our short window of time we had. (Now that we went on a tour, the no camera signs are actually no flash signs.) And getting to the Lincoln Memorial and watching the kids love it and talk about seeing Lincoln in the penny etc. and walking the mall next to Julia bounce/run along in her squeaky shoes and people smiling and loving it. She was spreading smiles all around:)
Dylan- The Lincoln Memorial and its steps. The boys ran up and down them. It was where our morning Über driver delivered us. 
Isaac- (none, he is pouting because he is tired.) 
Tyler- looking for the huge octopus that was on "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" then the SEEING high was seeing a little girl ride her bike with training wheels through our tunnel in the morning. (Of course he didn't actually see the octopus. But it was fun seeing the scene from the movie I rented for the kids the night before we left.) 
Julia- "making people laugh." 

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