Monday, February 15, 2016

Surprise Valentine's Date. {early}

I decided to take Steven out to dinner on a Wednesday because he will be camping this Valentine's weekend. It started as sort of his idea since Young Women was canceled for the week. But then he decided to have cub scouts. And he planned ahead and ordered marbles for the requirement and everything. So we would have to find a different time to celebrate Valentine's Day.
I took matters into my own hands. I called his co-scout leader and asked if he could handle it if I got him a sub. Yes. So I asked Don if he could watch the kids and take the boys to church. Yes. 
I picked up the boys from school, Tyler and Julia fell asleep, took all four to Don and Julia was angry she had to get out if her car seat. So I put her back in and took Don's truck. She was still mad. Oops! I had to go! 
So throughout the afternoon I had Steven text back answers to questions. But I only gave him the choice of heads or tails and didn't let him know the questions. He was confused. I was asking if I should dress in jeans or a dress, if we should go far or close, casual dining or fancy, etc. he chose dressy, casual, far/delicious. 
I was going to meet him at work then we would go to dinner but it is silly to take two cars to Tampa so I used Uber for the first time!! Steven has suggested it many times so I thought he would be proud. 
I stood near the elevators.
Then I saw him come out and walk out the door looking at his phone! Instead of calling him, I asked him to go back in for a TBT newspaper. And I went around the corner after putting his quiz in the top TBT. He found me and was still confused. So fun!
We decided to go to a closer place than the casual BBQ place, Kojacks, further into Tampa. Steven took me to Chart House. Delicious and fancy and on the way home. It was good timing. We went home and Steven got the kids from scouts while I got the other two from my mom's. Then I got sick the next night then Steven took the older two camping for Valentine's weekend. Good thing we had our little time together some time in this crazy festive month! I love my trophy husband ♥.

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