Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kat had another baby girl!

Aubrey Adele Tilby was born after midnight Saturday morning and was 8 lbs, 3 oz. Her name choices were Kaylee Adele Tilby or Aubrey Kay Tilby on Monday.  They were 75% sure it wa down to those 2 choices. Kat and I talked and the idea of using one of the first names with the other middle name came up. At 2 pm, Kat sent out a text to us with her name. Perfect. Adele is Preston's grandma's middle name :)
My mom was there and had been for about a week. Kat was about 5 days overdue. She labored at home a long time, then went in. She is Strep B positive so they wanted her to have 4 hours of antibiotics like I always get. Her labor was too quick so she had to stay in the hospital longer for observation. 
Kat asked for the epidural and they said they wanted to check her first. She wanted hem to order it first THEN check her. She was 8.5 cm and had progressed a ton in that last hour. They wanted to get her to the birthing tub. But it wasn't filling up. So she had the baby 45 minutes later. No epidural! 
Mom was at Kat's with Sadie who woke up to play at 5am. Sadie was SO happy to meet her baby sister!!! So cute. 

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katgille said...

I love that I have a sister who is good at documenting things. My Aubrey's birth story and name story are already published! Yay for you being on the ball...when I'm not even sure where to look for the ball. Haha. :)