Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sick day Stress day

I called in sick. B/c Isaac is sick. (Julia is always clingy and is not all the way healthy either.) 
We just got done with round 3 of the kids alternating fighting with crying. (They rest between rounds in their respective time out corners.) They started when I was bringing in sleeping Julia from the car. (You guessed it, she did not sleep long.) I thought it was handled. 
I went outside to clean the car and came back to round 2. 
Round 3 commenced while I was making sandwiches. So I'm giving up trying to get even normal things done today and will spend the rest of the day right here. (Until the inevitable rounds 4-49 I'm sure.) 
Going to work is way less stressful, but it IS good to cuddle. 
I had to contact SO many people to stay home. 2 babysitting friends, teachers, @dbeckfl who helps w a couple of carpooling responsibilities, an awesome past office manager @kimberlydowdy current office manager, other hygienists, boss, social media helpers since I am missing a lunch event, not to mention my full day of patients. I feel horrible. Thursdays are hard. I am always needed in at least two places at once. Thank goodness I am healthy! (Knock on wood) #oopsithinkithoughtthiswasmyblog 

This morning, Isaac and Julia were so good to one another (before the other kids got here and fought over these little rubber bands.) #rainbowloom #sickday #bigbrotherlittlesister 

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Aunt Kat said...

Busy busy BUSY! That's amazing how many people you have to notify to take a sick day. I like that in the first picture I can see Julia's chubby little fingers playing with the tag on her blanket. Sweet little clingy baby girl. And the rounds of fighting and crying don't sound fun, but your description of rounds like a boxing match and resting in their corners is genius. I hope everyone is feeling better and being calmer tomorrow.