Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dylan got run over by an Isaac

so steven took dylan and isaac towards seminole park one Saturday afternoon, the back way (sorta on the way to OHS) and Dylan passed Isaac on the left. Dylan went off of the sidewalk (headded south away from OHS - ALMOST to the park entrance) and when he was on his way back up onto the sidewalk from the grass, his front tire wasn't perpendicular enough, thus tripping him right in front of Isaac's front wheel. 

so yes, Isaac ran over Dylan's freshly ricocheted (helmeted) head. Isaac quickly got off of his bike, but the blood had already started. There was more fear from Dylan than blood. I got a phone call and went to pick them up. I brought Dylan and his bike home, cleaned the chin w/ H2O2 a little, and let him calm down. I had taken water and ice-in-a-washcloth along with a towel for bleeding. (A washcloth would've sufficed, but Steven requested a towel for "a lot of blood.") 

Yes the ER doc tried to re-open it, but numbed him first. I imagine with a topical anesthetic. he wanted to see if it would easily re-open and that was the only way. In looking at it now, I think stitches or superglue would've put the two sides closer to yield a smaller scar, but it's on the under side of his chin, and it'll be a fine manly scar in the middle of his beard (which I hope he only grows out once or twice on a whim, not for real :)

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Aunt Kat said...

What in the world? I got some of the story, but I'm still kinda lost. Were they riding their bikes? At the church while you were at YW and Jen Martin and Cindy Klemm were there too? But you were somewhere where you had to drive to go pick Dylan up? Did Dylan fall off his bike and Isaac was too close to avoid hitting him? Did Isaac actually ride his bike over Dylan's face?? Was the chin cut from a fall or from getting run over? Sheesh, poor Dylan no matter what, but good job Steven on the repair job. And why did the doctor try to open the would back up? Just to see if he could? Ouch!! Maybe Isaac will go into a health profession since he isn't bothered by seeing blood or trauma.