Saturday, December 26, 2015

Potty training at 18 months?!

Julia wants to pee on the potty already. So odd. It started after she was so constipated and #2 really hurt when it finally cane out. So she was scared to go the next couple of times. I helped her on the potty and think she liked being held. That was like a month ago. I thought it would be a quick phase but she says "poop" and does the sign language to go. Yes, I am the one who put Tyler's undies on her today, but only bc it is a pain strapping and unstrapping diapers. I don't want her to figure out how to undo them but do want her to figure out going potty by herself. She can sirta put pants on so may as well help. She tells me when and we run to the toilet. Easy. She did get the undies wet twice today, but said "wet" and we ran so she could finish. No puddles. She stopped when she noticed! I am not ready and tried saying "just go in your diaper " when we were watching the glass blowing 2 weekends ago but she insisted. So yea, only diapers at nap time/night time! 
Ih. And I love FL in December. 

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