Saturday, December 12, 2015


Reading by candlelight with my babies could be this sweet. If I remembered to do it. 
It is Christmas time. 
Time for traditions. My mom started one where we read scriptures by candlelight each night. She had a pretty red paper with Bible stories of Jesus. It is an advant calendar to help remind us of the reason for the season. The last stories were Christ's birth and the Book of Mormon perspective (from the Americas on this other side of the world where there was the night without darkness too) was included. Kids love fire, routine, and family time and this gives a fresh take/break on/from normal family scripture study. (We needed help in the first place to make this a daily priority.) 

The rules were to light the candle and read the passage while the candle burned down to the next glitter line. 

The problem is that making the glitter daily lines was time consuming. And we did it before bed when I was not so patient and the kids were not so reverent. I love found another similar list of scriptures and did not mark and sparkle the candle. But I did make copies for friends at work! 

This tradition helps the kids remind us to read scriptures and helps us be better Christians. I hope the habit sticks. Tip: reading right after dinner is best. It is already dark this time of year. If someone finishes early, he can clean!!!

So many things to do!!!!

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Vicki B said...

Really cool lighting in this pic. Posted at 3 am????!!!!