Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cravings and girl thoughts

I had a craving for Carmelita's that had to be quenched. We finished Dylan's creative book report and went. It was delicious! 
Tyler tried to embarass us by wearing his PJ pants and old birthday crown. But with his happy attitude and my craving quencher quest happening, nothing could get me down. It was so delicious! One of Dylan's vocabulary words was "glutton." I was being a glutton with the chips and salsa! ate most of my left overs that night. 

Today, I am feeling apprehensive about having a girl. I have been saying for years that I would love to have a little girl who looks like myself. I would love a newborn girl, but am scared a out all of the years leading up to her having her first baby of her own. That is when she will like me and my advice again. 

Today I feel the same. I do not like any girl names. I do not like how complicated girl clothes are. I still do not want to mix in girl toys with all of the boy ones. Having a girl IS more exciting, but I love my boys. They are the best. I don't want a spoiled little girl. I doubt she will be the innocent little doll that needs her brothers' protection. I am nervous about having the right timing and the right delivery when she needs me to teach her important life lessons. This is a whole new world. I am not sure I am ready! 


betsey said...

You are an amazing mom...boys, will be great at it! Because you will love her fiercely and protect her and teach her. She will love you, too. We all do.

Aunt Kat said...

I wish there was a like button for Betsey's comment. Ditto to what she said! You will do great because you WANT to do great and your little princess will teach you too.

We all learn as we go as parents anyway right? At least that's what I'm telling myself today after I clumsily changed a diaper on a sliver of counter space in an office restroom and then put my baby back in her PJs (her cute outfit she'd been wearing for less than an hour was a casualty of a blowout due to me using the wrong size of diapers...) because her PJs were the "extra outfit" I'd thrown in the diaper bag on my way out the door right after taking them off her. Poor kid.

Alicia said...

You'll love having a girl and you'll be fantastic! My kids mostly play with the same toys but they're all pretty gender neutral. Also, if she has three older brothers I doubt she'll be a 'princess' type of kid but more tomboy but I'm sure you'll make sure there's a touch of femininity also. We're always given what we need and I'm sure you need her and she needs you for reasons you'll one day understand. I'm thrilled for you to have another one. And a little jealous :) I can't handle a fourth yet, though. One day! You're awesome. Just keep being you and life will be beautiful. I like how you have so many pots in the fire and ideas and motivation and spontaneity. I'm sure it's exhausting when you're pregnant but I think it makes you such a lively, interesting person. Sorry this is so long. Takeaway message: I think you're great, and you'll LOVE LOVE LOVE having a daughter.

Barbie Feger said...

#1 - you are crazy to think you will be anything but perfect at it
#2 - change is always scary, you are used to boys, you know boys, step up and take this challenge, change is good, it helps us grow
#3 - she is the missing piece to your puzzle, your entire family needs her, you won't spoil her anymore than you would a son
#4 - girl clothes are so fun, you'll get SO into it once you get started plus anything you'll need we will have for you so it won't be a huge expense!
#5 - I had ana and Brandi, you had Kat, Clara needs her and oh boy (pun intended) she will need Clara with all those boys!
#6 - you need her, trust me and you will be perfect at the job! I notice when I fail with Clara, she forgives easy!! Imagine your mom without her girls!!!! We all need girls!! Xoxo