Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall in Florida

I miss summer. Mainly for not being tied down by car line, having all of my kids with me all day, and warm light late evenings. I will get in the holiday spirit soon I am sure, and do love that I am getting energy back. I am excited to see family at Christmas too. Today I walked on the beach instead of running since my bladder/insides were still tender/bruised from the previous job. I went with a friend and met another there too.
I was so anti-social that first trimester too.
We decided to make the long walk to the water since Iwas there to walk anyway and the kids were not climbing on the playset. 
Ivy said "I can't walk" and pouted a bit both ways. 
Tyler ran ahead. 
Do you know how not optimal the month of October was? I did a bunch of photo sessions then got behind, did not do our own photos, did not go to a pumpkin patch at all, did not carve a pumpkin, steven was sick the whole time, others of us were a little sick off and on, steven was not getting paid because of the government shut down, I was so tired, the computer had a long slow death, I had to pay for a new lens and computer, I double booked things, and I am glad it is over! 
After getting all of the kids today, we made thankful trees. 
I should have made my own. I am thankful for all of my little problems and for my many blessings. My littlest brother went through monsoons, flooding, an earthquake, chicken pox, and a crazy Typhoon in just 2 weeks! He is safe. Wow. 
Now I need to calendar my days and minutes to make the most out of these short days. I need to pray and study God's plan for me and meditate and focus on what my priorities should be. 

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