Saturday, May 7, 2011

1st real camping trip

"This was the best thing ever, better than Busch Gardens, better than the beach, better than Planet Jump, better than Alligator Fred's, better than Chuck E. Cheese's, better than ANYTHING!"  -Dylan Feger

Our church had a family camp out at a local boy scout campground.  Steven figured it's a good opportunity to take his boys camping since we've only set up the tent in our living room before.  We set up the tent,
 Isaac took some pictures of the area and of himself,
 Then we went on a nature walk.  On the way to this 'jungle,' as Dylan calls it, he mentioned wanting to see a rabbit and a shooting star.  We saw a rabbit! 
 Our cousins and a friend came along for the walk. 
 Then Steven started the camp fire.  I don't know if the dryer lint I packed had anything to do with starting it or not, but I like to think that my years at church girl's camp taught me something. 
 then we went on another little walk to the flag ceremony.

 Back at the camp site, the magic was just getting started.  We cooked hot dogs then made s'mores on Steven's awesome fire. 
 Dylan was in heaven with his favorite jeans and flash lights.  The jeans are to prevent snake bites, of course.  He initially put them on with sandals though:) 
 Isaac ate a bunch of snacks before dinner while we were setting up.  Then he had a tummy ache.  Poor guy didn't get to taste a hot dog OR eat a marshmallow.  He got sick, then slept on my lap for a little bit until he got sick again.  It was past his bed time and he ate too much junk I think.  SO, this is the last picture of him at the camp site. 
 My mom and Don took us home to his bed.  They weren't planning on sleeping in a tent since the camp grounds are only like 20 minutes from home.  Isaac slept in the car then continued the whole night through and stayed dry and woke up asking where Dylan and Daddy were and if they ate all of the marshmallows.  He was all better:) 

Dylan and Daddy were still having the time of Dylan's life.  Dylan stayed up late chasing his friends around with glow sticks and flash lights.  Then, he and Steven sat by the camp fire looking for shooting stars.  They didn't see one, but that's ok. 
 Dylan slept in his same camping clothes most of the night, until he got them wet.  Steven didn't sleep much at all.  I think because Dylan loved it so much, it was worth it. 
 Dylan came home a self proclaimed certified jungle man with lots of stories to tell of his adventures.  He is going to LOVE cub scouts when the time comes! 

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Kathryn said...

Yay for camping! I'm SO glad Dylan had such a fun time. What a good idea to do a stake campout ... and how lucky that it was so close to home for sickies! I love Dylan's reasoning with the snakebite-proof holey-jeans-and-flip-flops outfit.