Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Tyler, You're TWOOOOOO!

Dear Tyler, 
You're two! You say "One Two." You're so cute. I love you and your honey blonde hair and your silly smile and your reasoning and how you help yourself to fruit on the counter and how your favorite monkey of the day changes and how you put your finger in the tag of your blanket and how you can jump from off of the arm of the couch and land it and how you arch your back up and go back flat on your tummy to do push ups with your big brothers and how you know how to give kisses and sometimes give them on your own accord by grabbing our faces and kissing us then re-grabbing wanting "nose" where you rub noses.  
 You can jump from high places now so I had to get a picture of it.
 One TWO years old. (Two fingers.) You use hand gestures to explain stories sometimes.
 I made a crown a little taller than your last year's crown.

Ivy's grandma, Linda, gave you this blow fish shirt, and since we're just having family over for a pool party, it's perfect for a birthday shirt.
 The first thing you go for when we are in the back yard, is your lawn mower. You also get a chain saw that we think you think is a leaf blower since the handles are in the same place as Daddy's leaf blower.

 Corrie and family got you this Curious George monkey for your birthday in the morning. You love it! She got you cool sandals and a book, but this is your favorite. You even call him his name, "Joge."
 Here are some other random pictures from the month, mostly from my cell phone.
You are really motherly lately, feeding your monkeys, giving them water, carrying baby dolls around in nursery and at Corrie's, etc.

 You love Ivy. You two are like my last set of twins. You know how to push one another's buttons too. She is not that nice to you at her house, so I hear. You tell me "Eye (Ivy) pull hair." You love her anyway. And you sometimes do not share here.
You shove every monkey and blanket and water cup in the diaper bag. I guess it beats you trying to carry it all yourself. You also throw everything off of your and your brothers' beds down the stairs in the mornings. That got old the first day. Too many monkeys and blankets! 

You are having a hard time with nap time and bed time again, I'm blaming it on school starting, Daddy's blaming it on the "terrible twos." You know what you want. And you just repeat yourself. I call this the "broken record" phase. Sometimes it's just asking the same question, sometimes it's something silly, sometimes I don't know what you're saying, and sometimes it's that you miss me or Daddy. We have to also be broken records and stand our ground. You're trying for the "squeeky wheel gets the grease" method but it's not working with us, little buddy! We try to re-direct you after affirming what you're saying (a lot of times.) 
 We visited Jake and it was raining but then, we saw a full rainbow! I tried to combine 2 pics here.
 I Instagrammed this one and friends noticed that it was a double rainbow! You love Jake.
 Sometimes you nurse still, but rarely.
Look at your milk drool.
 And how you hold your tag.
Your brothers help get you out of bed in the mornings, and you request to be dressed. They help you sometimes. You came waddling over to me after their sad attempt this time. I'm working on you pulling your own pants down and up in preparation for potty training. I taught you how to climb in and out of your crib on your birthday, but you got stuck a couple of times and haven't tried it on your own since. That's probably better. 

You like to go for a "nun" (run) still, it always calms you.

 And the skies calm me. They make me a little anxious for the beach actually, since I'd have an unobstructed view there. Here are pictures taken from our back yard when we got back, BEAUTIFUL paintings in all directions.

 One evening, neither you nor I could take it any longer so we left and went to the beach. We were a little late for the sunset, but who cares. It's the BEACH! So relaxing. So worth it. Every time.

 So happy birthday my little two year old! I love you so much!
Love, Mommy

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