Monday, August 19, 2013

Flavor Run

Steven signed himself and me up for a 5K and told me about it on my birthday. Bonus: the race was on our anniversary! So that would mean that we were spending our 11th anniversary running! He conned my mom into signing herself and Dylan and Isaac up for the 1 mile race. Don came too and guess what, it was his 1st race!! He walked with Tyler but cut out after the first color station since they had enough flavored corn starch! Plus he felt a little guilty finishing when he wasn't official. It wasn't timed or anything though, just a fun race where the 1 mile and the 5K start and end with one another. 
Steven and I don't get enough photos of the two of us together so we tried to get one before we were sweaty and color-fied. Don kept photo bombing us though, he was excited to be there!
 The color pouches they passed out as severance for not letting us through the gates for way too long (miss communication between the race people and the fair grounds gate guards) delighted the boys. Dylan asked for a direct hit and Isaac couldn't believe he got to do it!
 But then Steven through the blueberry right into Isaac's eyes when Isaac wasn't expecting a hit. That dry powder doesn't necessarily sting, but it is scratchy/dry/blinding/eye-watering/uncomfortable for a long time. (I later got a direct hit with the blueberry myself by a flavor fairy.)
 Once we waited in lines and got our race packets and numbers and color packs we took a picture and were ready for some fun!
 Aw, this will make our 50th wedding anniversary slide show. It's just the two of us, team "Fruity Fegers."
 This is the team "Fruity Family."
The announcer had us try to do a color "wave" of color. Not that many people still had packets left.
 A little note about my new jogging stroller. One day I was pushing Tyler in a normal Graco single stroller, better than an umbrella one for sure, but not one that a car seat can click in or anything. The straps are missing. I got it from Shannon McNeill when I was pregnant with Dylan. Anyway, an observant mother noticed how rediculous I looked and asked if I wanted her jogger. I said that I'd have to ask my husband so she left it out on her front porch for me to come back and get it if I wanted. She was moving and her daughters were too old for it. How thoughtful!! Her garage was full of boxes so I know she was telling the truth. I exchanged a thank you note for it and it was much better to run with it!
Happy Anniversary to us!!!!!!!
We missed the first wave, so here we are waiting for the next one. 
 They threw out more flavor packets and i caught these sunglasses too!
We did another wave.

 And we're off! We started together, at the same pace actually. We had written Steven's phone number on the boys' arms b/c we were worried they'd get lost. They didn't.

 The fairy forest, some shade!

 Tyler was busy cleaning himself and his shoes with napkins after he had eaten fruit which had been provided by Whole Foods.

 We finished the 5K!! We walked a lot of it. Steven poured water on himself so he looked like he was wearing kool-aid.
An awesome anniversary run with our family.
 Oh yea, this was team "Fruity grand-Father"
 Oh yea, we painted fruit on some white shirts the night before. I bought a pack of 5 shirts knowing it was the average size of my 3 boys.
 We changed into our race Tshirts. Don even got one since they accidentally handed me two - I let Don exchange the extra one for his size.
This just accentuates his little tan lines and curls and how he is trying to clean up and my obsession for wanting him to stay a baby. He's almost 2 so I should probably end the baby bum pictures at that time. This is a good one to end on. (That word is not the best word with which to end that sentence though.)
 My mom gave her medal to a kid who asked where she got hers. She's the best.
 Tyler is a little monkey see, monkey do. He climbed with the others at Chick-Fil-A where my parents treated us to lunch as we got stared down for our smurf faces.
 We jumped in the pool which didn't take much color off. But it felt so good!
 Tyler's hair dripped blue drops for a while.
 We showered off but while I was scrubbing the top half of myself, Tyler started falling asleep in the tub. So I had to get him out and take him to bed before getting back in to scrub my legs and feet. He was swaying and his eye lids were so heavy in that warm water. He plays 'til he drops.
I'll blog our anniversary evening later I hope, but it was a good one!
Thank you Steven and Mom and Don and kids for making our day so fun!

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