Thursday, August 8, 2013

1st Day of Kindergarten: He's ready, I'm not ~ Seminole child photographer

This is a copy of my blog post here.
Isaac is my middle child. No task intimidates him. He's a "one-upper" and puts his imagination to good use. He is affectionate, playful, competitive, thoughtful, and self sufficient. He can already read and write and is not afraid of a little arithmetic. He likes to memorize verses before his older brother does. He's more than ready to start Kindergarten.
 He and his big brother will be spending the evenings doing homework pretty soon while their little brother will be playing the role of the scheming homework-eating family puppy dog.
We did our own version of preschool and I quite loved having Isaac home with me. And I was spoiled with the summer vacation having all 3 of my boys taking me on tree-climbing adventures. They wrote to pen pals and read books to stay sharp. I would sometimes come down the stairs to see the boys reading on their own!

 Isaac gets out books that he knows he can read at first of course. But he's quick to try to sound out other words with me as well. He thrives in a learning environment.
 He is ready for Kindergarten to start. I am not.

Behind the scenes:

  • I took these at Heritage Village in Seminole/Largo, Florida in an old one room school house.
  • I got the idea from my cousin Lacey with A Cherry On Top Photography when her daughter was going into Kindergarten last year. She's amazing and that session is all over Pinterest now! 
  • My friend Alicia with That's A Pretty Picture came with me to take pictures of her Kindergartener too. Her daughter is so happy!! 
  • There were volunteers then other people coming in and out of the normally vacant old school house which made Isaac nervous. 
  • This was a really short session because over the summer, camps come tour the historic buildings so we used the room between groups. 
  • I did not remember that the windows are mostly covered in there so I had to push my camera to its limits since I do not use flashes. I think it gives some of the images an old texture to them so I'm okay experimenting on my own boys.


Aunt Kat said...

What a cute little smarty pants! It seems really strange that he's old enough for kindergarten, and it seems even stranger that he can already read and write! Wow!

And Dylan looks really tall and grown up in that photo with the bamboo(?) and the book.

And Tyler looks like a schemer for sure in the one where you say he's going to be the homework-eating puppy. I believe you!

What a fun little shoot, and definitely impressive that you did it with a wiggly toddler on your hip, between tour groups, with minimal lighting. Props to the pro!

julie babcock said...

The pictures look great! Smart boys and really cute too! Hooray for Kindergarten, Iris started on Thursday.