Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dylan's 6th and Isaac's 4th Birthday celebration

Instead of spending money on a party, we spent money on Sea World passes! We got them through AAA, which isn't much of a discount, but it's something. Dylan and Isaac got free preschool passes for there and Busch Gardens so Steven got the pass with the parking included. We invited Mom and Don and had so much fun!
 We started at the touch tank and bought food to feed the rays.

 We went under...
 then over the dolphin tank. So close!

 Our first show was pretty amazing with lots of big sea mammals and splash zones and flying/swimming trainers.

 The Shamu Rocks show was amazing too!

 Isaac has a phobia of these cargo nets. I went with him. Look how far he came! But then we had to go back down. Oh well.
 The boys loved the ship/play area!

 We met my mom's sister and her husband at a Mexican place in Orlando for dinner. It had been years and years since I had seen Uncle Brad! Since I was a freshman at BYU. I get to see Aunt Peggy more, they're both amazing people. Uncle Brad was there for continuing education. I think he's an anesthesiologist  He puts people to sleep - as you can see from the picture, he's quite good at it.

(And since I'm over a year late on posting this in March 2013, we went back to Sea World with the kids once ourselves and my parents took the boys back themselves once too while Steven and I ran in the Savage mud race. Steven used his dual pass for Busch Gardens a couple of times too.)

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