Saturday, February 11, 2012

Les Miserables!!!

Les Miserables was the first Broadway Show that Steven and I saw together.  We saw it 11 years ago in NYC.  For our 9th anniversary, Steven bought us tickets even though it wouldn't be here 'til February.  Awesome gift!  The kids' tickets were free.  Tyler cried w/ my mom while we got dressed up (in a non-nursing-accessible-dress.) 
 A man pointed out that the kids were wearing ties, but Steven wasn't.  But then again, Steven's shirt was tucked in, so we're even-steven.
It was the family night, so the kids participated in some Les Mis-related crafts and fun before we went potty.  They made French and student rebellion flags. 
 And they drew their castles (or anything they love) on a cloud. 
 They were excited because we borrowed my mom's CDs to get the kids familiar with the songs. 
 Aren't they cute?! 
 Family date nights are fun. 
 They weren't even tired through intermission.  But after a song or two of the 2nd act, Isaac whispered that he was ready to go home.  We were in good seats right in the middle, so leaving wasn't an option.  We should have left at 9pm at intermission, but didn't.  So Isaac slept in my lap covering his ears.  Then Steven carried him out. 
They sing "Look down, look down, look down, look down," "Master of the House," and a lot of "Can you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men" at home and request the songs when we're in the car.  So my mom won't be getting her CDs back just yet.  Those were the first EVER CDs she got.  We gave them to her for Christmas one year.

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Kathryn said...

Fun family date night! And way to go getting the kids excited using the music CDs. That's pretty awesome that they have a "family night" at the theater and had stuff for the kids to do. ... and it's awesome that someone pointed out the ties on the little boys but not on their dad. You guys all look great though, and smart thinking to get some use out of a dress you can't wear unless Tyler's with a babysitter!