Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Day In

Green smoothies for 8! 🍵
All but Isaac liked them! 
Other events of the day: a present for Ivy,

pool with crews
and neighbors and a mermaid tail,
Popsicles (2 each like @jennymsnelson 's kids do), @dbeckfl popping in, 2 AAA trucks came to help then take the car,
grilled cheese and Cups O' Noodles🍜,
@barbielang12 came with kids, workbook pages for everyone but Julia,
a Roku movie and popcorn🍿, backyard soccer, tree climbing,
2 kids napped (lucky!), FHE and treats🍪 since we got free eggs🍳 from Barbie, a birthday present for Julia🎁,
and we read some of The Jungle Book📗. Steven is up being productive studying for his ALJ test tomorrow, I might... 

go to bed.

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