Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our First Thanksgiving (first time hosting)

I love my family, which includes Steven's side. When we were dating, we would go to his house for lunch then my house for dinner. Steven made his sweet potato casserole with the secret recipe from his ex-girlfriend. He still makes it and still uses the same typed out recipe. It magically has not gotten lost.
My mom went to California for Thanksgiving so we hosted. We used the chargers from Bonnie Szasz and the china from my Grandma Gille. We put two church tables together for the dining room table and disassembled our table to get it out of the way.
 Steven had everything with the oven timed perfectly. Until the power went out. It was a pretty day, what the heck? No storms. So Steven showered and I got the food packaged and ready to take to the church so we could use those ovens. After our planning and prepping for our Plan B, the power came back on, after about 40 minutes. So we were 30 minutes behind schedule, but that's Okay. Steven was really calm and handled the near-crisis well. He's amazing.

 Steven did the turkey from Publix. It was cooked, but we still had to cook it. I know, doesn't make sense. Glad Steven took care of it. It was perfect.
 It was still light when our guests arrived.

 Sweets!!! It seems like that's what everybody ended up bringing as a side :)

 The next day, we had left overs outside. That's the best part about hosting, you know. We didn't even send anybody home with left overs. B/c we have big eaters here!

Oh, in the morning on Thanksgiving, we went to Lake Seminole Park with the Crews and the other Fegers. I took Clara, Everett, and Barbie's photos that they ended up using for their holiday card. It was windy, but I love the pictures. It was good timing since it seems her poor kids are always have appointments if I happen to be free. Andre brought his cool kite. It frustrated the dads and fascinated the kids. 

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