Saturday, August 15, 2015

Julia Julia

Dear Julia,
You're 16 months plus old. You love the beach and run away a little chasing birds, but look over your shoulder and come back when you need to (so far.) This makes your brothers nervous so sometimes they go chase after you and bring you back for me. Sometimes I chase you and run past you to get the birds to go in front of you, back to base camp, so you can continue the chase.

You went in time out for the first time today. You pulled Tyler's hair then when he was pulling away from you, you kept holding on so were about to fall off of the ottoman, so you held on for dear life and it hurt the then crying Tyler. Instead of feeling bad, you went to Isaac's bushy hair for a grab. Time out! The day before, you were hitting us with something then after multiple "no"s, I hit your hand. You got the picture. I don't mean to do that so will stick to time out. It is just that you're actually starting to push buttons when you know better. I remember this happening at the 18 month mark, but isn't this a little early? You get lots of attention, but perhaps you need more. I've been feeling nobody is getting the proper dose of attention lately. I need to do more planning.

You like bath time, but if you're too tired, you sometimes want me to hold you the whole time instead of your usual playing with toys below me. You like to try to put clothes on yourself. You are liking certain towels/clothes.

You are talking a tiny bit more. You say and sign some words like ball, book, dog, and monkey (you do the sound Ah Ah with the sign instead of the name). You whisper "hot," "papa," and "ssss" (for sh, as in be quiet, Tyler is sleeping) while you put a finger almost up your nose.

You like to feed yourself, and when you're done, you're angry. As soon as you sign "all done," I get you out to wash your hands and face, but sometimes you throw your spoon/food and swipe your tray clean. Grrrr. Right to bed, Missy!

You take about 3 naps/day. Sometimes they're short, sometimes they're long. You grab your blanket and find missing pacifiers and it's bed time. Even if you don't show signs and I need you to nap before an outing, you go to bed easily. You don't cry for me really. We give kisses/bessos to everybody, get you some water, find the pacifier and blanket, and put you on your back. I cover your legs with a pink and white soft blanket, turn on your mobile, and say "ni' night" and leave. Sweet! You do say "ni' ni'" sometimes.

You just learned how to walk backwards and can almost run. So cute, except you run into walls when you're walking backwards.

You LOVE books and like to plop on our laps to go through animal books.

You like to sit in little chairs and spots just your height.

You're a picky eater. More like a moody eater. You will like some things then turn your nose up at them later and vice versa.

Your hair is pretty long but is curly and stays swiped out of your eyes pretty well.

You like hair bows and tolerate hats at the beach.

You like to swim and love it outside.

You're not afraid of dogs and love to throw sticks for big Beau, Eirit and Justin's dog next door.

You still nurse, but only when it's your idea, so like once/day and some in the night unless you sleep through. You're cuddly and that's the best.

I love you my tiny baby sweety girl!
Love, Mommy

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