Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to the 3 fathers I know and love.
My dad got to be with Matt for Father's Day. That's cool. He recently realized that he's retired. So he's thoroughly enjoying the retired lifestyle.
Don has been a dad to me, and has really been a grandpa to my kids. He jumps right in to help out and doesn't complain at all. I mean he won't tell me if I'm inconveniencing him. He helps sooo much. He adds a bit of spirituality into most everything he does. He's positive and happy and is such a good influence on me and my kids. I got him an American flag off of his wish list AND got him tickets to a Rays game for a Daddy Daughter Date. He loves baseball. I met the the guy who does the sound at the home games and he put us on the jumbotron!!
Then there's Steven, the fun guy who's such a good daddy to my kids. He does all of the normal housewife things plus he's an excellent provider. Parents want a little more for their own kids than they had as a kid, no matter how awesome their childhood was. And Steven makes fatherhood a top priority. He's so good at it too. Blessed Blessed Blessed, much like the tripple chocolate cake he picked out for the treat for Father's Day! Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate! 
My mom knows how to spin things positively too. Like when Isaac was eating his Cafe Rio (Steven's Father's Day request) so messily, she noted how well he was eating over his plate. True. And when Julia was emptying the tuperware drawer, she commented on how happy she was to finally have a kid who played in the drawer she stocked full of kid-proof stackable items. Then when she attempted the under the sink cabinet she praised Julia again for trying and not being able to get in so that the child safety locks got some use. See? I have so many good people around me!
Here're some pictures of my Julia and her daddy. She is going to be a good swimmer like her record-holding daddy. 

And my boys will be good daddys one day too. Isaac loves his baby sister and I have to sneak attack click to get pictures of him smiling with her. 
 Dylan likes to hide from the camera (with the exception for his enthusiasm for photo bombing) so I reached my camera around the corner when I came down from bed this morning to see him playing with blocks with his sister. He had changed her diaper and had picked out new pants for her to wear too.
My kids are blessed blessed blessed because of the good dads in their lives. There are others too, like Darren Crew who watched the kids over an hour later than he would've liked since I had to stay late at work last week, and Michael Popovich who treats Tyler and Julia like they're his own kids (or grandkids I guess) playing and cooking and pretending with them. How did I get so blessed?!


Don B said...

Is our blessing also to be close to your family.

Aunt Kat said...

I love the sneak-attack photos of your kids being great big brothers. And Dylan changes diapers? And without even being asked?? Woah--you're raising some amazing kids!

I think it was an awesome idea to take Don on a Daddy-Daughter date. He's such a good grandpa. And I love that you documented Mom's positive spin on everything, including things that might seem like annoyances.

What a good family we have!!